The Ministry of Economy offers to process corn from Chernobyl into biogas

First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy Oleksii Liubchenko said that the Chernobyl zone has a large amount of land that is not used due to radiation pollution, it is possible to grow corn for further processing into biogas.

He said this at the fourth international conference on reforms in Ukraine in Vilnius, Ekonomichna Pravda reports.

According to him, "Ukraine has a huge energy potential."

“Ukraine has a Chernobyl zone, where a huge amount of land is not used. There you can grow crops, for example, corn, then convert it into biogas, produce electricity from biogas. This is such complex triple processing, which adds much more added value than simply installing a solar panel, which is extremely ineffective for fulfilling the functions of the state's energy security,” the Minister said.

To recap, the GTS Operator is studying the possibility of transporting biomethane and hydrogen.

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