The Ministry of Energy will continue to move towards the development of renewable energy and contribute to improving energy efficiency

First Deputy Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets announced the beginning of the transformation of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency, which should become a key cross-sectoral body for implementing the state policy of "green" transition and ensuring sustainable development of Ukraine during the online Energy Independent Regions of Ukraine forum, the press service reports.

During the event, they talked about expanding the priorities of the energy efficiency policy, which should include not only the housing sector but also other spheres of the economy: industry, transport, the budgetary sphere, the energy sector.

They also emphasized the importance of maintaining investor confidence and clear rules of the game to attract investment, which are key factors for energy modernization, energy efficiency, and the economy's revitalization.

Several problems in the electric power industry were also noted, including technological losses in the power grids, amounting to 11.6% (or 16 4 billion kWh). In comparison, in the Energy Strategy until 2035, this indicator is set at 7.5%, which corresponds to current rates in many European countries. If such an indicator had been in 2019, the losses would have been less by 5.8 billion kWh, equivalent to 3 million tons of burnt coal. Therefore, the modernization of power grids is an important step in decarbonizing the economy and introducing a “green” course. The Ministry is also developing the Concept of Smart Grid Technologies to improve the efficiency of networks.

The construction of new shunting generating capacities to ensure reliable operation of the unified energy system of Ukraine was discussed separately. Outdated, inefficient CHP plants may become the most suitable platform for this. The procedure for holding auctions for the construction of such facilities has already been approved. At the same time, the Ministry has developed amendments that improve the rules, shorten the time frame, and simplify the conditions for holding auctions for investors. This document is being prepared for government consideration.

“Today, the power system needs 2 GW of highly maneuverable ecological generation. Its construction will allow further integration and development of "green" energy, maximum production of clean "nuclear" electricity and technical synchronization with ENTSO-E, which is the main priority for us ", - said the First Deputy Minister.

As a reminder, Energoatom joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

Earlier it was reported that producers of renewable electricity would receive payments for October in December.

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