Bioenergy capacities in Ukraine are built only at 20% of the planned by 2020

The Ministry of Energy released data according to which at the beginning of June 2020 bioenergy capacities in Ukraine amounted to 182 MW, while the National Action Plan for Renewables for the period until 2020 was supposed to put into operation 80% more – 950 MW. It is reported by UA Energy.

Wind generation also failed to fulfill capacity development plans. As of early June, Ukraine had 1,075 MW of wind farm capacity, while the planned figure was 2,280 MW, a 50% increase.

At the same time, solar generation operated with a total capacity of 5614 MW – while 2300 MW was planned, so, the National Plan was overfulfilled by 150%.

In total, at the beginning of June 2020, according to FIT, Ukraine had 25% more capacities than expected: 6871 MW vs 5530 MW according to the National Plan.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the settlement of problematic issues in the field of renewable energy on June 10.

The document provides that renewable energy producers accept the terms of voluntary restructuring of FIT, providing for their reduction. In particular, tariff reduction by 15% is envisaged for all electric power generating facilities, which use solar energy, and 7.5% for facilities generating electricity from wind energy.

The government also undertakes to determine and approve annual quotas for supporting “green” energy and to ensure that auctions for the distribution of such quotas are held.

The Memorandum provides for increased responsibility of renewable energy producers for unbalanced electricity production.

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