Bioenergy capacity in Ukraine grew by 35% in a year

Generation capacities of electricity from biogas grew by 35% in 2018 – it was launched 12 MW of units.

“Electricity production from biogas in Ukraine starts to develop fast. Within the year biogas capacities grew by one third”, the website of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine says. Moreover it provides the information that at the end of 2017 capacity was 34 MW (21 units), and at the end of 2018 - already 46 MW (33 units). Therefore, during 2018, 12 MW of biogas capacity was launched and an increase equaled 26% (not a third after all).

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency empathized that the most promising is biogas production from rubbish:

“In Ukraine, about 10 million tons of rubbish is generated annually and there are almost 5,500 landfills. From one landfill, where more than 1 million tons of garbage is collected, 3 million m3 of landfill gas per year can be produced”. Landfill gas comprises about 50% of pure biomethane.

Due to the Agency information, 20 biogas units have already worked at landfills for today with a total capacity of 18MW. 3 units with a capacity of 4,1 MW are placed in Kyiv region.

The message provides an example of a biogas complex with a capacity of 659 kW at a landfill in Khmelnitsky. It has been invested 34 million USD in this project. The complex can produce about 5 million kWh of electricity per year at a “green” tariff of 12.4 eurocents/kWh. For comparison, this amount of electricity is enough for street lighting of the city.

At the same time, the State Agency noted the potential to install biogas complex on the Dnieper city landfill with a capacity of 3.7 MW for electricity production. The projected investment is 3 million euros with a payback period of 3 to 6 years.

“We have identified opportunities for creating biogas units with a capacity of 14 MW in the amount of about 20 million euros”, the press service quoted Sergei Savchuk, the Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency.



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