The capacity of "green" energy in Ukraine increased by 54% in 2018. More than 2 GW already

The total installed capacity of renewable energy sources (RES) in 2018 increased by 54% (by 742.5 MW) - up to 2117.2 MW.

These data are published on the website of the Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission.

According to the Commission, 96% of the “green” facilities, which became operational in 2018 are wind farms and solar power plants. At the same time, it was previously reported that in 2018 biogas capacities increased by 35% (by 12 MW) - to 46 MW.

In particular, the Regulatory Commission established a “green” tariff for 202 electrical energy industry facilities. Among them 163 objects are solar power plants, 11 objects are wind farms, 16 objects are biogas/biomass power plants, 12 objects are small HPPs.

The average unit capacity of facilities, which became operational in 2018 is 3 MW.

The leader in commissioning is the Kherson region - 227.2 MW, second best is the Lviv region - 117.4 MW, on the third place is Zaporizhzhya - 65.2 MW.

The average “green” tariff for fourth quarter of 2018 is 570.68 kop/kWh (including VAT)

The share of renewable energy in electricity production in Ukraine is 1.9%, and the share in the cost of electricity is 8.7%, according to the National Regulatory Commission.



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