Azores island inaugurates hybrid renewables facility

Graciosa Island in Portugal's Autonomous Region of the Azores last week inaugurated a hybrid renewable power system combining wind, solar and storage capacity.

The plant consists of 1 MW of solar, 4.5 MW of wind capacity and a 2.6-MW energy storage system. It will be monitored and operated with the help of an integrated energy management system by Finnish technology group Wartsila Corp (HEL:WRT1V). The latter said the island will now use up to 65% renewables, as compared to 15% before the facility was built, cutting demand for diesel fuel.

The hybrid project was developed by Portuguese project company Graciolica Lda, whose majority shareholder is Denmark-based Recharge A/S.

Wartsila has a software maintenance services agreement for a five-year period.

Source: Renewablesnow

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