SPP will be installed on the building of Vinnytsiaoblteploenergo

The municipal enterprise of the regional council Vinnytsiaoblteploenergo has inked an agreement on the construction of a 60 kW photovoltaic station, Ecotown reports.

A project worth UAH 533,000 should be completed by December 31 of this year.

“We will not sell it at FIT, since the capacity will not exceed our consumption. And if we decided to sell energy, it would be necessary to fill out a feed-in tariff, which is very difficult, you need to spend about UAH 400,000 additionally to enter the common system for selling electricity at FIT,” said General Director.

193 panels with a capacity of 0.31 kW will be installed on the roofs of the buildings of the utility company. They, along with energy storage elements, were purchased last year for about UAH 900,000.

The enterprise took the loan from the regional Fund for the Promotion of Investments and Construction at an interest rate of 5% for the implementation of the project.

“The payback period is seven years, and it is profitable. Now we are buying electricity at UAH 2.77 including VAT per kW, consumption is about 8,000 kW per month, the cost of consumption per month is about UAH 22,000,” says CEO.

It is this amount that the company plans to save on a monthly basis by installing solar panels. In winter they will not work at full capacity, it will be needed to buy additional energy during this period.

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