Solar panels were installed on the building of the Ministry of Regional Development

Thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine and the German government company GIZ, facade solar panels have been installed for independent power supply of the building, the press service reports.

On September 8, the pilot project of thermo-modernization of the building of the Ministry of Regional Development and the results of its implementation was presented.

“This is a truly indicative project, which has combined not only the technical renewal of heating, ventilation, insulation systems, but also the progressive implementation of the latest solutions in the form of a facade solar power plant and a “smart home” system. I would also like to note that this project was implemented with respect for historical values, because the building of the Ministry of Regional Development is located in the historical center of Kyiv,” said Oleksiy Chernyshev.

During the event, a new heating system and an intelligent smart-building system were presented – cabinet-by-cabinet regulation of indoor climate indicators. Thanks to the introduction of thermal modernization, the user can save up to a quarter of the annual costs on the efficient use of energy resources.

As part of the event, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Ministry of Regional Development and GIZ, which provides for the implementation of a five-year project "Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Implementation of the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency in Ukraine", donated by the Governments of Germany and Switzerland, worth €12.450 million (€5.150 million of funding from SECO , Switzerland).

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