NEURC revised FIT

NEURC has revised FIT for solar power plants and wind farms in accordance with law 810-IX of July 21 on the conditions for supporting renewable energy, providing for their reduction from August 1, Energoreforma reports.

The corresponding resolution on the establishment of FIT for electricity and surcharges to them for the use of Ukrainian-made equipment was adopted by NEURC at a meeting on Saturday.

"This is a technical decision taken to implement the law that has come into force today. In order to avoid a gap in time, it must be adopted," Oksana Kryvenko, Acting Head of NEURC, noted at a meeting of the Commission.

In the justification for the draft resolution, it is noted that, taking into account the decreasing coefficients to the previously established FIT provided for by the law on the conditions for supporting renewable energy sources from August 1, it becomes necessary to recalculate them for business entities.

As a result, according to the promulgated draft resolution, taking into account the gradation of the size of FIT provided by law, depending on the time of commissioning, FIT of 3.83 UAH/kWh has been established for most SPPs (hereinafter – excluding VAT). The highest tariff is 7.37 UAH/kWh, (in particular, for SPPs, installed among the first), the lowest is 3.29 UAH/kWh.

Also, for SPPs mounted on the roofs or facades of buildings and put into operation after July 30, 2015, the tariff is set at 4.54 UAH/kWh (about two hundred renewable energy facilities).

For a number of SPPs, surcharges of 5% and 10% are established for the use of Ukrainian equipment.

For the vast majority of wind farms, the tariff is 2.82 UAH/kWh or 3.39 UAH/kWh.

In total, the draft resolution lists 780 economic entities that own solar power plants, and 27 entities that produce electricity from wind energy.

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