NEURC approved the mechanism of compensation for renewable energy producers for forced disconnection from the grid

NEURC has approved a mechanism for compensating renewable electricity producers in cases where dispatchers forcefully restrict its sale to relieve the grid.

Also, the methodology for calculating the volume of such electricity was approved, and the issue of liability of producers who did not follow the dispatcher's commands was settled. The decree on changing the Market Rules was approved on Wednesday, November 11, the press service says on the NEURC website.

The new rules apply to electricity sold both at the FIT and at the auction price.

  1. The amount of compensation is equal to the FIT or auction price corresponding to such a producer and the volume of electricity not released, calculated following the Methodology, Appendix 8 to the Market Rules.
  2. The Methodology defines the reference method, and in case of the impossibility of its application, the calculation method.
  3. The calculation of the compensation amount is carried out by the manufacturer or other market participant and verified by the transmission system operator.
  4. In case of incomplete fulfillment by the producer of the dispatcher's command for unloading, such a producer shall pay for the non-compliance of such a command.

It is reported that the Antimonopoly Committee approved the resolution of Ukraine.

On October 26, Hennadii Ivanov, Deputy Director of Guaranteed Buyer for Trade Operations, said that renewable electricity producers were financially responsible for imbalances, even if they had an unscheduled or emergency disconnection from the external grid.

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