Norwegian investors will invest $800 million in Ukrainian renewables

Renewable energy is an attractive sector of Ukrainian energy market for investors.

Several large Norwegian companies will be engaged in the implementation of large projects using renewables. The framework agreement is signed and envisages the construction of thee large alternative energy objects.

  • Zaporizhzhia region – wind farm with a capacity of 750 MW, Norwegian NBT is an investor;
  • Mykolaiv region – SPP with a capacity of 150 MW, Norwegian Scatec Solar is an investor;
  •  Kyiv region – SPP with a capacity of 9.2 MW, Norwegian Norsk Solar is an investor.

Active negotiations with Norwegian investors began in the summer 2018, the volume of investments received by Ukrainian renewables was estimated at 300-400 million euros then.

At least three years is necessary to integrate into the Ukrainian power grid750 MW of wind parks, which Norwegian NBT plans to build. Ukrenergo announced it. The company has already been conducting an energy audit of the existing power grid. This is not about the construction of new substations or power lines. The main problem is the creation of balancing capacities, which will be able to compensate the lack of electricity from unpredictable generation sources.


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