Orsted will build an offshore wind center with a capacity of up to 5 GW

Danish company Orsted unveiled plans to build an offshore wind power center with a capacity of up to 5 GW, connecting Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Germany, to support large-scale production of “green” hydrogen and create the “world's first energy island” on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. It is reported by Renen.

Orsted plans to begin building a 1 GW wind farm in the Rønne Banke area southwest of Bornholm, one of the areas already identified by Denmark for the future development of offshore wind energy.

The island, which is located in the Baltic Sea, will house service centers and substations serving several offshore wind stations nearby. The island will become a center that distributes electricity to several countries located a short distance from it.

Martin Neubert, Orsted Offshore CEO, notes: “Offshore wind clusters with electricity transmission to several countries are necessary if we want to realize the huge potential of offshore winds to create a green Europe.”

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