Orzhel: The best energy is not produced one

Energy efficiency will be the main indicator of Ukraine’s transition to “green” energy. This was stated by Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection Oleksiy Orzhel during the presentation of the Concept of “green” energy transition of Ukraine by 2050, Kosatka.Media reports.

According to him, the environment for Ukraine is in the first place, the development of energy – in the second. Therefore, energy should be developed in accordance with environmental priority.

“According to the Concept, we put energy efficiency as the main indicators. The best unit of energy is one that has not been produced, it is the most environmentally friendly. And each hryvnia invested in energy efficiency is a multiplier of more than 3 – this is the development of small and medium-sized businesses, this is the second priority after the infrastructure projects of the current government, incorporated into its program”, said Orzhel.

The Concept is a model that is now open for discussion. It will take into account various factors and will be updated later, because today it is impossible to take into account all the factors that may arise before 2050.

The Minister also recalled that Ukraine’s European partners adhered to Green Deal, and if we did not meet this concept, it would be more difficult for us to cooperate with them.

Recall that earlier Oleksiy Orzhel had presented the Ministry’s action program for 2019-2020 –27 steps in stages.

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