Oschadbank managed to return only UAH 3 billion to Guaranteed Buyer after the dismissal of Petrykovets

The State Enterprise Guaranteed Buyer reported that the producers of "green" electricity managed to receive from Oschadbank UAH 16.27 billion, from the funds that NPC Ukrenergo transferred to the company from the issue of "green" Eurobonds.

The company noted that since the ex-head of Guaranteed Buyer Kostiantyn Petrikovets was dismissed on Saturday 13.11.2021, at an extraordinary meeting of the government, the new head (Vadym Ulyda - ed.) on Monday, on the first day of work 15.11.21, a letter was sent with a request return the funds not yet transferred for the analysis of payment orders and confirmation of the legality of the accrued payment amounts for each producer of "green" energy.

“At the time of receipt of the letter, the bank had already processed payment orders of UAH 16.27 billion. The balance of UAH 3.04 billion, not yet transferred by the bank, was returned to the accounts of Guaranteed Buyer, the message says.

It is also reported that an interdepartmental working group is working to check the activities of the State Enterprise "Guaranteed Buyer" regarding the purchase and sale of electricity and settlements with producers of electricity from renewable sources. Based on the results of the check, the final calculations will be made within the entire amount received by the State Enterprise “Guaranteed Buyer” from the sale of NEC “Ukrenergo”.

To recap:

The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed the former director of Guaranteed Buyer and appointed a new acting director.

The ex-director of Guaranteed Buyer announced the pressure from the Cabinet of Ministers.

On November 15, Guaranteed Buyer transferred UAH 16.3 billion to renewable energy producers using funds from NPC Ukrenergo, which the company attracted through the issue of green Eurobonds.

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