BioTPP working on seed husk will build near Zaporizhzhia

In the city of Tokmak (Zaporizhzhia region), a power station will be built, working on the biomass of sunflower husk and/or straw, SEEDS reports.

The project of generating thermal and electric energy by Prydniprovska BioTPP should be launched in the first half of 2021.

BioTPP will be commissioned in one stage.

“The station, which has a total capacity of electricity production of 8.6 MW and thermal energy of 28 MW, will use the biomass of sunflower husk and/or wheat straw. It will be able to provide consumers with electricity that will go into the general power system of Ukraine,” says project manager Yevhenii Polomarenko.

At the same time, the total annual volume of heat energy production – steam will be about 80 thousand Gcal.

Head of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, Oleksandr Kozakevych, noted that such projects would help to not only be a worthy alternative to traditional energy in Ukraine, but also to activate the local business, which can grow thanks to the use of inexpensive thermal energy – steam, as well as solve the problem of employment in the region.

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