Fires in Australia impact roof solar stations

Solar Analytics, which controls energy consumption and the performance of solar energy systems located at 35,000 sites across Australia, has reported a drop in power generation, Sunnik reports.

According to the company, electricity generation by solar power plants located on the roofs of buildings in Canberra on New Year’s Eve fell by 45%, in Sydney on December 10 the decrease was 15%, and on December 21 – 27%.

The owners of solar stations, which are also far from the places of fire, feel the impact on the operation of SPPs. Users found ash layer on SPPs, the thickness of which varies depending on proximity to the fire and prevailing winds.

Air pollution remains a constant problem for the production of solar electricity. Back in 2017, researchers at Duke University found that dust and particulate matter reduced the production of solar panels installed in northern India by 17-25% per year. A similar effect of polluted air was observed in certain regions of China.

It was previously reported that the French company was opening a solar park in India with the lowest tariff.

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