The Government will seek a common solution with renewable energy investors on the issue of tariffs

The Ukrainian government does not intend to retrospectively make changes to the system of stimulating the development of renewable energy sources, it plans to find a balanced solution, said Prime Minister Olexiy Honcharuk during the First Investment Forum “RE: think.Invest in Ukraine” in Mariupol on Tuesday.  It is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

“We are not going to approve decisions without dialogue with those concerned.  You can be sure that the Ukrainian government, before making any decision, taking any position, will definitely look for an opportunity to find a common position”, he said.

Honcharuk also intends to hold a meeting with all interested parties this week and discuss options for solving the problem of financing the payment of feed-in tariffs.  He also stated that the decision would be balanced and general:

“We are civilized people, we understand how the financial market works, we understand what are the interests of shareholders, that we cannot just change the rules retroactively and are not going to do it.  But we have a society that has a request.  And very often, society feels injustice from the fact that certain previous decisions were made in the interests of certain well-known persons... ”

Recall that recently a number of draft laws were introduced in the Verkhovna Rada with amendments to the Law “On the Electricity Market”.  It is proposed to change the rules for balancing the “greens”, whose capacity exceeds 150 MW, and also to allow the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission to set price caps for electricity.

Earlier it was reported that from January 1, 2020, Ukraine will change the support system for clean energy – auctions will be held to determine the price of electricity that will be produced by new capacities instead of a fixed feed-in tariff.

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