The government constantly discusses the situation with feed-in tariffs with the market – Honcharuk

Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk during a government report said that the government is in dialogue with business and is seeking a compromise on a feed-in tariff, UA Energy reports.

“The feed-in tariff is a complex issue. It was set very high and in fact we committed ourselves to people who are building “green” generation to pay very expensive for electricity. This practice existed in the world. Many investors came here who agreed to these conditions. But now we expect serious problems in order to service such high obligations”, the Prime Minister said.

He also noted that the government was in a dialogue with the market, he presented a model of the market. The authorities did not want to allow a retrospective change in the rules.

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection presented the Concept of the “green” energy transition of Ukraine to 2050.

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