The National Regulatory Commission reduced “green tariff” for households by 4%

The Energy and Utilities the National Regulatory Commission changed “green tariffs” for households.

The relevant resolution of the National Regulatory Commission No.447 of March 29, published in the Uryadovy Kuryer newspaper, entered into force on April 20. Tariffs are reduced by 4.04% due to the fluctuation of the euro.

Earlier, the National Regulatory Commission reduced “green tariffs” for household power plants by 3.6%. The relevant decree of the National Regulatory Commission No.2071 dated December 28, 2018, published by the Uryadovy Kuryer newspaper on December 29, 2018. The decision entered into force on January 1, 2019.

As reported, the previous decree of the National regulatory Commission (No.556 of June 26, 2018) to reduce the size of “green” tariffs for households by 6.3% came into effect on October 12, although the Regulator planned to introduce them from July 1.

The previous decree of the National Regulatory Commission No.359 of March 23, 2018 and which entered into force on June 24, provided for an increase in tariffs by 0.8%.

Source: biz.censor

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