More than €2 billion have been invested in alternative energy since the beginning of the year

More than €2 billion were invested in more than 2500 MW of new clean electricity capacities commissioned in Ukraine in 9 months of this year. This was announced on Facebook by Chairman of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency Serhiy Savchuk.

During this period, the following new facilities were installed: SPPs – more than 2000 MW; wind farms – almost 400 MW; about 120 MW – household SPPs (for 6 months), biogas plants – 24 MW; 13 MW – small hydros and 4 MW – biomass facilities.

“In addition, due to these new facilities, the total capacity of renewable electricity increased 2 times in only 9 months: from about 2300 MW at the end of 2018 to about 5000 MW as of 01.10.2019”, said Savchuk.

Savchuk says that such a fast pace of commissioning facilities that produce clean electricity will meet international obligations and achieve the goal of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan until 2020 in terms of electricity.

Earlier it was reported that in August renewable facilities had been paid 2.1 billion UAH of the feed-in tariff.


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