The cheapest source of electricity in Canada is wind

566 MW of wind power plants were commissioned in Canada in 2018, and the installed capacity of wind power reached 12816 MW.

Canada is among the top 10 countries in the world of installed capacity of wind power stations, as well as of wind energy generation. Wind power generates about 6% of electricity.

Canada is actively investing resources in the development of wind power, although it is one of the world's largest producers of oil and gas and has enough coal resources. This position is linked to the fact that the country wants to expand its energy sector, to harness the great wind potential. Also wind farms are the cheapest way to generate electricity among the new facilities of all technologies, as the Canadian Wind Energy Association reported.

According to the results of the competitive selection of wind power projects in December 2018, the weighted average price was set in Alberta below 3 US cents per kWh. In October 2018, in Saskatchewan, according to the results of another tender, the weighted average price was approximately 3.2 US cents per kWh (42 Canadian dollars per MWh).

New facilities based on coal or natural gas cannot offer such long-term one-part tariff.

According to the Association, in 2019, Canada plans to put into service 1,000 MW of wind power plants. According to the official forecasts of the National Energy Board, in the period up to 2040 the installed capacity of wind power will grow by 510 MW annually.



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