SSU exposed an embezzlement scheme in the production of renewable electricity

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) exposed an embezzlement scheme in the production of electricity in Cherkasy region. According to experts, the approximate sum of losses is about UAH 40 million, the press service reports.

A local entrepreneur set up his own solar power plant but registered it as 100 separate households. This allowed him to sell electricity without obtaining a license and following a simplified procedure.

“According to the investigation, the crime figure organized an illegal scheme in 2019. He took advantage of a norm in the legislation that allows each citizen to produce their own "green" electricity and sell it to the state. However, a private household cannot have a capacity of more than 30 kW. If the capacity is higher, it is necessary to issue additional permits, undergo inspections and receive payment at a different rate,” the message says.

The entrepreneur decided to bypass the legislation and instead of registering one large enterprise, he decided to sell electricity on behalf of 100 private households. At the same time, power generating installations belonging to the specified person, located on land plots where there are no residential or other buildings, which contradicts the requirements of regulatory enactments in the field of energy and indicates the use of such an object on an industrial scale under the guise of a large number of private households.

This scheme made it possible, without obtaining a license, according to a simplified procedure, during 2019-2020, to receive funds at the FIT.

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