Mr. Shmyhal demands to investigate the issuance permissions to join the network for Ukrenergo

The Prime Minister of Ukraine initiates the creation of a working group under the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection to consider the issuance of a large number of permits for connection to energy networks for NPC Ukrenergo. It is reported by Economichna Pravda.

According to him, such actions have become one of the causes of the crisis in the energy market.

“I’m ready to create a working group under the ministry that will understand how an unlimited number of permits for joining the power system were issued, which led to such distortions when we are forced to enter into difficult negotiations (with investors in renewable energy – ed.) and when extremely expensive “green” energy crowds out cheap nuclear,” he said.

He also noted that he supported the development of renewable energy in Ukraine, but its price should be lower. Mr. Shmyhal also said that on Thursday there would be a meeting with key players in the renewable energy market in order to discuss the terms of the agreements for further development of the industry.

Perhaps amendments to the legislation will be adopted that will allow the "green" generation to sell their electricity under direct contracts.

NPC Ukrenergo will be instructed to prepare a detailed report on the status of integration into ENTSO-E.

“Let them prepare a report on where we are now regarding those procedures and the tasks for joining ENTSO-E. We’ll also check the manageability of the company,” the Prime Minister said.

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