The capital of Australia has completely switched to renewable energy

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), an administrative unit within Australia that includes the capital city of Canberra, has officially announced that all of its electricity needs can be 100% covered by contracted renewable energy sources.  This is reported by Elektrovesti with reference to Renen.

The reason for the final transition was a contract for the purchase of electricity with the Hornsdale Stage 3 wind power station with a capacity of 109 MW, which ensured the excess of the amount of clean electricity purchased by the capital over annual energy consumption.

“The Hornsdale 3 wind farm is the last of our 10 major renewable energy generators nationwide to help supply ACT with clean energy at low prices”, the statement said.

The Australia Institute conducted an analysis that indicated that Canberra would be the first major city outside Europe which has completely converted its energy supply to wind and solar energy.

Now ACT will deal with emissions from other sources.  Recently, plans have been presented in the real estate sector, including a proposal to convert homes and businesses from gas to electricity, as well as transport electrification.

To achieve these goals, and in response to population growth, the region intends to purchase another 250 MW of wind and solar energy, including energy storage systems.

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