The construction of the Dnipro-Bug wind farm will be partially financed by the EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will partially finance the construction of the Dnipro-Bug wind farm as part of the €250 million loan program USELF-III to support the development of renewable energy in Ukraine.  The board of directors of the bank made such a decision on July 10, said Anton Usov, senior adviser on external relations of the EBRD.  But so far the EBRD does not mention the possible share of funding. 

The EBRD clarified that the specially created enterprise Dnipro-Bug wind farm LLC will receive funds as part of project financing.  The company has three sponsors – Akuo Energy SAS (France), Saffelberg Investment NV and Aeolus Invest NV (both from Belgium).  The total project cost is estimated at €188.64 million.

Dnipro-Bug wind farm will consist of 25 units, each will be 4.4 MW, they will be supplied by Nordex.

The project also plans to build a 150 kW transmission line to the Posad-Pokrovska substation with a length of 27.3 km out of 194 towers.

Earlier it was reported that SPP will be built in Chyhyryn for €20 million from the EBRD.  It is expected that the new SPP will be commissioned in 2020.


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