A wind farm with a capacity of 731 MW will be build off the coast of the Netherlands

Off the coast of the Netherlands, 22 km from the province of Zealand, the construction of the country's largest wind farm with a capacity of 731.5 MW has begun. Borsselle III and IV wind farm project is being handled by an international contractor Van Oord.

The capacity of wind farms will meet the needs of 825 thousand households and will contribute to the fight against climate change.

Borssele wind farm is part of the government’s roadmap for developing alternative energy. In December 2016, Blauwwind consortium won a tender for the construction of Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm complexes. This consortium with various shares includes: Partners Group (45%), Shell (20%), DGE (15%), Eneco Group (10%) and Van Oord (10%). Blauwwind has already entered into an electricity supply agreement with Shell and the Eneco Group, according to which both companies will buy 50% of the electricity produced by offshore wind farms within 15 years.

Earlier it was reported that off the coast of Norway a wind farm with a capacity of 88 MW would be built. The new wind farm project will provide offshore oil and gas projects with electricity.


Source: ecotown.com.ua

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