350 MW SPP and the largest energy storage will be built in the UK

The UK government plans to approve the construction of a giant 350 MW solar farm in Kent, which will provide power to 91,000 households, Hightech reports.

Together with the solar farm, one of the world's largest energy storage systems will be built.

SPP will consist of 880 thousand panels and generate 350 MW of energy. It will be able to provide electricity to 91 thousand households.

It will produce the first electricity in 2023.

The station will be located in the southeast of the country, in Kent. It will occupy 364 hectares of former farmland. The project cost is about $555 million.

The operation of the SPP will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 68 thousand tons per year. In addition, it will bring local communities more than $1 million annually.

Experts believe that by 2030 the total capacity of the British solar energy could grow to 27 GW.

Earlier it was reported that the UK stopped investing in the coal industry abroad.

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