Scientists have received more than UAH 3 million of budget funding for the study of hydrogen technology in Ukraine

Energy Association Ukrainian Hydrogen Rada now ranks first in the development of hydrogen technology topics in Ukraine. This was told by Oleksandr Repkin, president of the Energy Association.

An intergovernmental working group on the development of hydrogen technologies has been created in Ukraine. Currently, studies on the concept of the roadmap are underway, the Ukrainian Water Strategy and the National Renewable Energy Action Plan 2020-2030 are being developed.

Now there are no modern hydrogen technologies in Ukraine. However, a country can adapt an already prepared European strategy to its market.

“Today, the energy needs that the EU countries have, and they openly talk about it, they themselves are not able to provide. They will need sites to produce exactly “green” hydrogen. And Ukraine can become one of such sites”.

They started talking about hydrogen technologies in the context of storing electric energy, balancing the power system, and the possibility of replacing the use of natural gas.

Oleksandr Repkin noted that now the association has a number of commercial structures that work exclusively in the energy and gas supply sectors.

“We have companies that work in the private sector, with solar projects. There are developers who built large solar stations – there is a powerful engineering idea. And they can combine all the necessary equipment into one project. We have no such experience yet. But we are studying”, he said.

He said that from the state budget allocated funding in the amount of UAH 3 million 143 thousand for about 20 projects on hydrogen technologies. President Paton also signed a decree for the National Academy of Sciences to establish a scientific and technical international center for the accumulation of exchange of renewable hydrogen technologies.

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