Ukraine and Denmark discussed the prospects for the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen discussed the prospects for the continuation of the Ukrainian-Danish Energy Center, the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, in particular, the construction of offshore wind farms and hydrogen production facilities, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reports.

“The main areas of cooperation are renewable energy and energy efficiency. Today, I see a priority area for expanding our cooperation and the development of hydrogen energy," said the Acting Minister.

Olha Buslavets also said that the issue of energy efficiency is very important for the Ukrainian energy sector. Work on several projects of the Ukrainian-Danish Center is now unlocked.

Considerable attention was also paid to the development of wind energy, namely the construction of offshore wind farms. Since Denmark is one of the European leaders in the development of wind energy, including the construction of wind farms in the sea.

It is noted that Olha Buslavets agreed to the proposal of Mr. Mikkelsen to consider the possibilities of cooperation in this area. She stressed that this direction is also interesting for Ukraine, and now with the Danish company Vestas, work is underway to obtain data on the wind atlas, which will optimally determine the support quotas for the auction model.

“Ukraine is interested in attracting Danish renewable energy technologies and developing new renewable energy sectors. Therefore, the Ministry of Energy welcomes the interest of Danish companies in the implementation of such projects in Ukraine and is ready to provide them with all-round support,” Olha Buslavets noted.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine and the UK are planning to cooperate in the energy sector.

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