Ukraine may provide “green” electricity to a third of the EU countries

Alternative energy expert Oleksandr Repkin is developing hydrogen technologies in Ukraine. In an interview with Kosatka.Media, he told about the potential of Ukraine in hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen is a renewable energy source. Its chemical properties are such that when it combines and disconnects with other chemical elements, a large amount of heat and direct current are indirectly released. And we get everything that is in the processing of coal, natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline and the like.

According to Repkin, Ukraine will be able to accommodate such a number of renewable sources that will fully support itself as a country, not be dependent on energy imports here, and close a third of the needs of all EU countries. Recently, the Atlas of Renewable Energy Potential of Ukraine has also been created.

“There are 27 countries. And at least 7 of them we will be able to provide fully. Ukraine has the second potential among European countries for renewable energy. Therefore, we can use the waters of our Azov and Black Seas. Azov is perfect, there are depths of up to 30 meters. This allows us to establish the number of windmills that even Norway can envy”, he said.

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