Ukraine is discussing the formation of a fund for "green" transformation with international partners - Stefanishyna

Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanishyna said that Ukraine was negotiating with international partners and financial organizations on the formation of an international fund for the "green" transformation of the country, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

“The International Fund for Green Transformation for Ukraine will accelerate environmental processes in our country by stimulating business and providing it with access to appropriate financial resources,” she said.

Stefanishyna clarified that this issue was discussed at the recent German-Ukrainian Economic Forum.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that in negotiations with the European Union, Ukraine defends the position that its compliance with a high level of ambitions and dynamics of the implementation of innovative solutions within the framework of the Green Deal depends on financial support from the EU.

“The disproportionate access to financial resources distorts competition in the European market, and this is the subject of our dialogue with the European Union,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

At the same time, she noted that some "green" projects will need funding from the state budget. In particular, when it comes to the fair transformation of coal regions or the eco-modernization of Ukrainian state-owned companies.

The Deputy Prime Minister recalled that the state is already funding several important environmental initiatives, in particular, the work of the Energy Efficiency Fund and the "warm loans" program, and also provides support in the form of stimulating "green" purchases, prioritizing national industries, providing incentives for electric cars, " green tariff and green metallurgy.

To recap, ASEU asks NEURC to settle a legal conflict in the legislation.

Earlier, Energy Minister Yurii Vitrenko said that the Green Deal would create half a million jobs in Ukraine.

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