Ukraine took the penultimate position in the ranking of the transition to new energy sources

A report from the World Economic Forum (ETI) says that Ukraine ranked 91st in the 2021 energy transition ranking among 115 participating countries, Ecotown reports.

According to the system performance criterion, taking into account the safety and availability of energy, environmental sustainability and economic development and growth, Ukraine scored 58.1 points out of 100. Russia - 66, Armenia - 63.6, Moldova - 64.3, Kazakhstan - 64.1.

According to the criterion of readiness for the transition to clean energy sources, Ukraine scored 45.5 points. Transition readiness takes into account such enabling factors as capital and investment, human capital and consumer participation, infrastructure and an innovative business environment, institutions and governance, and regulation and political commitment.

The Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Norway and Denmark - are leading in the 2021 ETI ranking. The last places in the ranking are occupied by Mongolia (113th place), Haiti (114th place) and Zimbabwe (115th place).

To recap, IEA announces record growth in renewable energy sources and uncertainty over carbon neutrality.

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