Ukrainian scientists have calculated the cost of hydrogen technology

According to various estimates, the energy potential of Ukraine and the equivalent electrolysis of “green” hydrogen are measured in significant figures. Scientists also calculated the cost of hydrogen technology.

The corresponding figures were announced at the forum “Balancing the power grid and energy storage system” organized by Energy-Club.

Scientists considered 3 scenarios: basic – according to IRENA, optimistic – own calculations, and pessimistic – according to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period until 2035.

According to the baseline scenario, the renewable energy capacity of Ukraine is 537 GW, the average annual production of green hydrogen is 337 billion nm3. According to the optimistic, respectively: 771 GW and 505 billion nm3.

By the cost of hydrogen technologies, in particular, the production and storage of liquefied hydrogen will become cheaper by almost half by 2025 from $2.57 - $3.14/kg to $1.59-$1.94/kg. Electric vehicles using FCEV fuel cell will more than double in price: from $1.29-$1.57 tkm to $0.63-$0.77/ tkm (for passenger cars). 

Read about the prospects of hydrogen technologies for Ukraine: Fourth industrial revolution: How hydrogen technologies will change Ukraine.

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