Ukrenergo received state guarantees for the issue of Eurobonds to pay off debts to the "greens"

Кабинет Министров на своем заседании принял разработанное Минэнерго постановление «О предоставлении в 2021 году государственной гарантии по обязательствам НЭК «Укрэнерго», сообщает пресс-служба.

The Cabinet of Ministers at its meeting adopted a resolution developed by the Ministry of Energy "On the provision of a state guarantee for the obligations of NPC Ukrenergo in 2021," the press service reports.

This will allow Ukrenergo to attract funds by issuing bonds up to UAH 22.8 billion on international stock markets under government guarantees.

“To issue bonds, NPC Ukrenergo must also receive a number of approvals from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy regarding the compliance of the bond issue with the state policy in the management of the public sector of the economy,” the statement says.

The funds raised by issuing these bonds must be used to pay off past debts to renewable energy producers.

To recap, Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay debts for renewable electricity.

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