Waste disposal will allow Vilnius to receive heat and electricity

A thermal power plant that converts household waste into electricity and heat has been commissioned in Vilnius, Ecotown reports.

Soon, the TPP will be able to provide 40% of the city's heat demand.

The plant will annually dispose of 160,000 tons of household waste previously disposed of in Lithuanian landfills.

The station is equipped with modern filters that trap all harmful particles formed during combustion from soot to heavy metals particles. The TPP will emit 20% fewer greenhouse gases than older plants that produced the same amount of heat and electricity.

According to Eurostat, over the past 15 years, the use of recyclable materials in the EU has increased 1.5 times.

As reported, a bio-thermal power plant would be built near Zaporizhzhia, which will operate on husk from seeds.

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