Capacity of offshore wind farms in the world reached 29 GW in 2019

In 2019, the total capacity of offshore wind farms in the world reached 29 GW, Ecotown reports.

As noted in the report of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the figure was a record for world wind energy.

Last year, 6.1 GW of new offshore wind farms was commissioned, which is 35.5% higher than the same indicator in 2018 (4.5 GW).

In particular, in 2019, new offshore wind generation capacities were commissioned in China – 2,395 MW; Great Britain – 1,764 MW; Germany – 1,111 MW; Denmark – 374 MW; Belgium – 370 MW and Taiwan – 120 MW.

In addition, the report draws attention to floating wind farms installed in 2019 in Portugal (8 MW) and in Japan (3 MW). According to GWEC, with the achievement of this technology on an industrial scale, new markets and opportunities will be opened up for offshore wind energy.

Now the share of offshore wind farms is 10% of the total installed capacity of wind generation in the world, with most of this in Europe. However, in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular, China, this share is growing.

According to GWEC forecasts, in the future the growth of offshore wind farms will accelerate and by 2024 another 50 GW of offshore wind generation will be commissioned in the world.

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