727 MW of new wind farm capacities were introduced in Greece in 2019

According to the Greek Wind Energy Association (HWEA), 727 MW of wind farms were commissioned in the country in 2019, which was a record for the entire history of the industry, Renen reports.

According to the results of the year, the installed capacity of wind energy reached 3576 MW.

It should grow to 7 GW by 2030, in accordance with the National Plan for Energy and Climate.

There is a competitive selection process in Greece, as a result of which wind energy projects receive sales guarantees under 20-year electricity purchase and sale agreements.

According to the results of the last tender, in which solar and wind power facilities jointly participated, the price for wind electricity was set at €54.64 per MWh.

In 2019, Enercon was ahead of Vestas for the first time and took first place in terms of supply of wind generators. However, if you look at the existing fleet as a whole, the share of Vestas is almost 50%.

It was previously reported that in 2019 the total capacity of offshore wind farms in the world reached 29 GW.

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