A cargo terminal in Sweden will be switched to renewable energy sources in 2020

As part of the Gothenburg Green Gate program, the cargo terminal in Sweden, the port of Gothenburg, will be completely switched to alternative energy sources in 2020. It is reported by Ecotown.

The launch of the program was announced on December 6, 2019, its implementation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 90% compared to 2010.

Work to ensure uninterrupted transshipment of containers at the terminals has begun, and next year, when transshipment of all types of consumer goods through the APM Terminals Gothenburg, the terminal operator will completely abandon the use of hydrocarbon fuel.

Gothenburg's container terminal customers are the largest exporters and importers of Sweden, they are interested in reducing the impact on the climate, but without increasing the cost of services and maintaining the competitiveness of the terminal.

The country's parliament decided that by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transportation should be reduced by 70% compared to 2010.

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