Scotland to reach this year 100% renewable energy goal

In 2020, Scotland will receive all the necessary energy from renewable energy sources. It is reported by Obozrevatel with reference to ZME Science.

The country also plans to achieve decarbonization of heat supply and transport.

“Scotland is considered one of the world leaders in renewable energy. The local authorities set a goal to stop burning fossil fuels by 2020, and this goal will be met – within a year the region will receive all its electricity from clean sources”, the media notes.

In 2015, green generation covered 59% of the country's electricity needs. By 2017, the share grew to 68.1%, and by 2018 – to 74.6%.

Scotland uses wind power the most, but it also uses other sources of clean electricity, including solar, geothermal, tidal and hydroelectric power plants, as well as biomass burning plants.

The country plans to ban gasoline and diesel cars by 2032, and to achieve global climate neutrality by 2045.

To recap, wind farms of Scotland for half a year produced twice as much electricity as the country needs.

Earlier it was reported that in June Greenpeace activists climbed an oil rig in Scotland as part of a protest rally.

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