Wind farm with a capacity of 310 MW was launched in Africa

The largest wind farm Lake Turkana Wind Project was launched in Kenya, it consists of 365 turbines with a total capacity of 310 MW. The wind farm is connected to the Kenyan power grid, Renen reports.

Investment in the project amounted to $680 million.

The wind farm is located in a natural corridor, called “the windiest place on earth”.

Wind turbines are designed to withstand strong wind gusts that provide optimum conditions for electricity production all year. Constantly blowing wind can achieve a very high plant capacity factor.

Wind turbines are manufactured by the Danish company Vestas.

It took more than 2000 flights to deliver all materials from the Kenyan port of Mombasa to the location of the wind farm. About 200 kilometers of the road leading to the site had to be reconstructed to let the trucks through. Another 100 kilometers of internal roads connecting the turbines were also built.

Today, Kenya produces most of its energy through water, wind and geothermal sources (9th place in the world in terms of installed capacity of geothermal power plants, which is approximately 700 MW).

By 2020, it is planned to cover 100% of the country's needs with the help of renewable energy sources.

Earlier it was reported that Georgia were selling the only wind farm with a capacity of 20.7 MW.

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