A SPP with a capacity of 900 MW will be built in Australia

A project on construction a solar plant Yarrabee of 900 MW is being realized in the south-west of the country, New South Wales State.

A SPP will be the largest in the region. The project’s cost is estimated in the amount of $709 million. It is expected that SPP will produce 2250 GWh of electricity annually and will be able to provide electricity for up to 315 households.

In August 2018 environment impact assessment of the project was carried out and in December 2018 Australian government confirmed the project. SPP will allow reducing emissions in the atmosphere, which are equal to 540 thousand cars.

The project of the Yarrabee SPP will be implemented in 3 stages, 300 MW each.

Each of 3 stages provide for implementation of 3 million standard PV panels from microcrystalline silicon with the height of 2 meters and width of 1 meter.

In the 3rd quarter of 2019 the construction of 1st stage will be started, in 2020 – the 2dn and 2023 – the 3rd. Thanks to SPP, 450 new workplaces will be available. First produced electricity has to go to network in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Source: elektrovesti

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