The installation of SPP is being finished in Australian airport

The installation of solar panels has been almost completed at Brisbane airport. 22937 thousand solar panels were placed at the 6 sites around the whole airfield. Panels occupy an area of 36 thousand square meters. Some of them are placed on the roofs, for example at the international terminal, while others are on the ground.

7133 panels with an area of 11675 square meters have been installed at the international terminal which, as stated at that time (the announcement of construction was in October 2017) at Brisbane Airport, will be the largest roof installation at the Australian airport. Solar panels have to ensure abiut 18% of the airport’s direct electricity needs, as estimated for 2017.

Despite the fact that the solar panels have been working since the end of 2018, Epho, ​​which collaborated with Shakra Energy and Trina Solar, said that the system “has reached a practical conclusion, including all the approvals of the authorities”.

Brisbane Airport was the most difficult project of the company, especially given the unique operating environment of the airport, said Epho senior project manager Axel La Toison.

“Commercial airports have limited areas, so bringing equipment and personnel creates their own unique problems.  We had to be very responsive when dealing with the unique requirements of various stakeholders in terms of safety and security, height restrictions, aesthetics, etc.”, he said.

The plant's capacity is 5725 MW and is Australia’s largest solar power plant, said Epho Managing Director Oliver Hartley.

Photo panels of the company Trina Solar were used for SPP.  It used anti-reflective solar panels to meet aviation requirements.

 It was reported earlier that a solar power plant with a capacity of 330 kW was commissioned on the roof of the passenger terminal at the Helsinki airport.

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