Wind turbine is equipped with flexible solar panels in Austria

In the city of Weiden am See (Austria), 30 flexible solar panels have been installed on the mast of a wind turbine, Ecotown reports.

The solar panels are installed on the southeast and southwest sides of the wind turbine tower. Thanks to this, they get the maximum amount of light during the day.

The project was implemented by the manufacturer of photovoltaic systems DAS Energy and the Austrian energy service company Energie Burgenland. Industrial climbers from Skyworks were involved in the project.

“By generating additional clean electricity from photovoltaic modules, the efficiency of the wind turbine is further enhanced, and its ecological footprint is reduced,” said Alois Ecker, CEO of Energie Burgenland.

The modules are placed almost vertically and efficiently absorb energy even in winter when the sun is low.

Only special glue from Innotec was used to fix the PV modules on the wind generator casing. Mechanical fasteners were not used, making it possible to do without drilling holes and other similar work.

Placing solar panels at a wind farm is the first DAS Energy project to be implemented in Austria.

“We are ready to install more PV modules on wind turbines in Austria at any time, but there are difficulties with gluing them in the cold season when the temperature is below +10 degrees Celsius,” explains Benjamin Limberk, Sales Manager at DAS Energy.

Currently, the company is already directly working on implementing new projects in this direction, including in Germany and Spain.

Earlier it was reported that 29 islands have pledged to use energy from renewable sources.

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