SPP on the territory of the wind farm will be built in Chile

In Chile, on the territory of the existing wind farm, the construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of 60.9 MW has begun, Ecotown reports.

Azabacheu Solar Park will consist of 154,710 double-sided panels.

After commissioning, the SPP will work together with the 90 MW Valle de los Vientos wind farm.

It is expected that after completion of construction at the beginning of 2021, the solar park will annually produce about 184 GWh, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 136,300 tons.

About $49 million will be invested in Azabache's solar park.

The project will be the first hybrid industrial facility in Chile due to a combination of two renewable energy technologies (photovoltaic panels and wind generators).

“We continue to develop and build renewable energy projects, despite the current difficult situation, relentlessly following our decarbonization plan for the benefit of the entire power system,” said James Lee Stankampiano, CEO of Enel Green Power Chili.

During construction, operational instructions are applied that provide for a set of protective measures from the mandatory continuous use of personal protective equipment to maintain social distance and determined routes for moving personnel on site.

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