342 MW wind farm will be built in Germany

Siemens Gamesa has received an order to supply wind turbines with a total capacity of 342 MW for a coastal power plant in the North Sea of ​​Germany, Ecotown reports.

The contract also includes a two-year service contract.

A total of 38 turbines will be installed in 2022. Each turbine will be able to provide power up to 9 MW using Siemens Gamesa Power Boost technology and will have a rotor diameter of 167 meters.

The Kaskasi coastal wind farm will be located 35 kilometers north of Helgoland Island in the North Sea and will provide electricity to more than 400,000 medium-sized German households.

This power plant will be the third offshore wind farm off the coast of Germany.

In February, wind farms in Germany covered about 60% of electricity consumption due to the storm.

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