The largest floating SPP in Europe will be built in Holland

Groenleven, a renewable energy producer, plans to build the largest photovoltaic power plant in Europe. The capacity of SPP will be 48 MW, it will be located on the site for the extraction of sand, owned by Kremer Zand and Grind.

Groenleven noted that the site, located near Emmen in the province of Drenthe in the north-east of the Netherlands, is no longer used for its intended purpose, and the solar panels will be located on the surface of the quarries.

Kremer Zand and Grind will move its sand extraction and drying equipment from Emmen to other industrial areas to make room for a floating solar system.

The company will consume part of the energy produced by the floating SPP, and sell the rest part to the network. The object must be put into operation in mid-2020.

Floating SPPs are a promising direction for the development of solar energy in the Netherlands, where there is a huge amount of inland water bodies.

Recently, the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA has published recommendations and guidelines for companies interested in developing floating photovoltaic solar plants in the Netherlands.

It was reported earlier that a hybrid pilot project to install a solar photovoltaic system was implemented on the island of Malalison. As part of the pilot project, the existing diesel power plant is complemented by a solar photovoltaic system.


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