Floating PV systems are storm-resistant

Netherlands-based Floating Solar, a joint venture between Sun Projects B.V. and Dromec B.V., has revealed the results of three years of testing of its pilot PV system at the Slufter, a depot for contaminated waste on the western edge of Rotterdam’s port area.

“Floating PV systems are storm resistant,” the company said. “Our system proved to be both technically successful and robust to weather conditions.”

The company tested different technologies at the facility, which will now be removed. It aimed to assess their resilience during severe storms.

It has recorded four severe storms throughout the testing period. It recorded one 2018 storm with wind gusts of 144 km/h on its YouTube channel.

“It turns out that our system continues to function well and is able to move with even the most extreme weather conditions,” the company said. “Our robust, sun-following island has fully met our expectations.”

Floating Solar Director Kees-Jan van der Geer added that it would use the data collected over the three-year trial period for new projects. They include two projects planned by Evides and PWN.

The Slufter is part of a contaminated water basin at Maasvlakte, an artificial extension of the Europoort industrial facility at the port of Rotterdam. It hosts other floating PV projects, including a 100 MW array under development by the Rijkswaterstaat, which is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The Rijkswaterstaat said in March 2017 that planned to make water surfaces and other areas under its control available for renewable energy projects.


Source: World-Energy


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