Solar-wind power complexes will replace the operation of two thermal power plants in Spain

In Spain, two coal-fired power plants will be replaced with “green” energy complexes with a total capacity of 2115 MW. It is reported by Ecotown.

Endesa, a subsidiary of Enel, will implement the “green” project, with a cost of €1.8 billion.

The 1.1 GW coal-fired power plant located in Andorra, in the eastern Spanish province of Teruel (Spain), will be replaced by a gigantic 1725 MW power generating complex, which will include Europe’s largest solar power station with a capacity of 1,585 MW, a 139 MW wind farm and an energy storage system with a capacity of 159.3 MW. According to the plan, the coal-fired power plant will be closed in 2020.

In Compostela, in the northern province of Leon, a 1,052 MW coal-fired power plant is planned to be closed in 2020. It will be replaced by 390 MW renewable energy sources.

Today Endesa's portfolio contains more than 7 GW, including 4.7 GW of hydroelectric power. By the end of 2022, the company plans to increase solar and wind power by another 3 GW.

Earlier it was reported that Kenya would build a solar station for a flower farm.

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