Italy began to produce colored solar panels

The Italian company Sunerg has released colored solar panels, Elektrovesti reports.

New panels better fit the aesthetics of architectural forms in the color schemes of facades and roofs of houses.

The demand for a diverse architectural concept, as well as various styles in Italian architecture, has sparked a demand for the production of colored solar panels.

Sunerg now manufactures X-Color (275 W) panels with an aluminum frame and a special color layer.

There are 4 colors in the product line: red-brown, green, black-gray and brown. They are made on the basis of monocrystalline silicon (PERC).

At the request of the customer in Sunerg, frames, fasteners, junction boxes can also be made in a single range and in accordance with the new color schemes of the panels. X-Color modules can be integrated in the roof structure, in whole or in part.

Earlier it was reported that the Italian oil and gas company acquired a 49% stake in SPP in the United States.

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