A wind farm with a capacity of 9 MW is planned to be built in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Gvizd-MP LLC intends to build a 9 MW wind farm in the urochishche Zapust , Gvizd village of Nadvirnyansky district.

Information on the developed project is made public in a single register of environmental impact assessment.

Nadvirnyansky district state administration approved the town-planning conditions and restrictions for the project implementation on an area of 0.09 hectares in January 2019.

The project involves the installation of three modern wind electrical installations with a capacity of 3 MW each. The planned height of the tower is 80 – 140 meters.

It is also planned to build an underground power line with a length of about 3.5 km 110 kW. The electricity produced at the wind farm will be transported to the 35 kW Starunya 35/10 distribution substation.

It was reported earlier that a wind farm with a capacity of 17.2 MW is planned to be built in Lviv region.

Source: elektrovesti

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